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ActivePure® Air Purifier Shop

ActivePure® Air Purifier Shop

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Viruses, bacteria and germs so are removed already in the air.

Revolutionary change in air filter technology

Air purification 2.0

Activepure® air purifier against viruses and bacteria in the air

ActivePure® is a unique and patented environmental technology that solves many indoor pollution problems, both in the air and on the surfaces in the room. ActivePure® technology actively attacks pollutants directly in the air and on surfaces. With the ActivePure® future technology, clean air is created outside of the filter device.

The advantage is active and immediate real-time cleaning as soon as pollutants, viruses and bacteria are present in the room. This applies to air as well as to surfaces on desks, reception desks, chairs and loungers, on door handles and windows, devices and crockery. This NASA tested and certified ActivePure® technology reduces all types of DNA and RNA type viruses. Laboratory reports show that SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 virus in the air and on surfaces in the room is removed up to 99.9% within 3 minutes.

ActivePure® removes many other pollutants such as bacteria, germs (also multi-resistant germs), aerosols, mold spores, VOC and many other toxic impurities. It reduces typical symptoms of allergies, asthma and irritation in people with a sensitive immune system. Long-term studies have shown results of up to 80% less absenteeism due to infection.

Air purifier with ActivePure® technology

Air Purifier against COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2), RSV…


Areas of application

This air purifier is designed for small and medium-sized rooms up to approx. 40 m² such as doctor’s surgeries, medical offices, treatment and patient rooms, pharmacies, sales rooms, small to medium-sized shops and offices, households…

Air purifier PURE & CLEAN with anti-virus technology


Areas of application

Medical facilities, practices, clinics, gastronomy, hotels, retirement and nursing homes, schools, offices, government and administrative facilities, churches, sports facilities, trade fairs and exhibitions, conferences and congresses, major events, customer and waiting areas, households…

Air purifier BEYOND GUARDIAN AIR with anti-virus technology


Areas of application

The AERUS MOBILE® is designed for cars, motor vehicles, driver and passenger cabins from 5 m² to 15 m² per filter device and is used in cars for car pools, driving schools, taxis, in gondolas and cable cars, ship, airplane and helicopter pilot cabins as well as with several devices in the network in buses, trains, trains and airplanes…

ActivePure® technology is considered by experts to be the most powerful air and surface cleaning technology ever discovered and is the only exclusive air and surface cleaning technology to receive the prestigious Certivated Space Technology seal of approval from NASA’s Space Foundation. ActivePure® is the only air purification technology in the world to be inducted into the Space Foundation’s Hall of Fame as the only certified space technology. ActivePure® is still in use today on the International Space Station.

Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductee
Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductee

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