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Product purchase with down payment

Product purchase with down payment

ab: 100,00 

Buy a voucher as a deposit

  1. Choose the amount of the deposit and buy a voucher. We will send you the voucher as a personal voucher code after receipt of payment.
  2. Select the desired item, place it in the shopping cart and redeem the voucher code for the voucher. The amount of the voucher will be deducted from the total amount.
  3. Pay the remaining balance with the following options:
    • The remaining amount can be paid in full using one of our payment options
    • Pay the remaining amount with PayPal / purchase on account (maximum remaining amount of € 1,500) or
    • Pay the remaining amount with “PayPal” and select “Paypal installment” in your PayPal account (maximum € 5,000), the remaining amount is ivided into 12 monthly installments, calculate monthly installments with the “installment calculator” (see above).


Installment payment via Paypal

Purchase on invoice

Voucher, taxation occurs when redeemed

Additional information

Amount of the deposit

100 EUR, 200 EUR, 500 EUR, 1,000 EUR, 1,500 EUR, 2,000 EUR, 2,500 EUR


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