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The goal of our filter devices is to remove pollutants from air and water – for your well-being and health.

Thomas Schmidt

Owner BestElements

Thomas Schmidt has been self-employed since the mid-1990s. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, he began to work as an external consultant for regional drinking water supply companies. This gave him detailed insight into the processes of drinking water supply, the strengths of safe drinking water supply, but also the difficulties and challenges with undesirable substances that are increasingly getting into the water cycle.

As he dealt more and more with the topic, he and his team came into contact with companies in the field of water treatment by reverse osmosis. This technology works in the molecular area and guarantees the purity of drinking water despite the challenges of our time with hormones and drug residues, which are increasingly being detected in water.

Thomas Schmidt worked independently for several years in marketing and sales as support for leading water treatment companies, but then came across insurmountable issues. He founded the company BestElements Filtertechnologie in 2018 and works together with his son Leon Schmidt, who enriches the company with his extensive expertise in marketing and social media and together with specialists with decades of experience in manufacturing and production who – and that was a lot important for the owner of the family business – takes place here in Germany. Reliable filter devices are developed based on the purest filter materials, many years of experience and future-oriented technology.

In addition to drinking water filters, the product portfolio was expanded to include flow filters, mobile air purfier against particulate matter, dust, viruses and bacteria, hydrogen generators and accessories. Based on the reviews, the customers are very satisfied with the products – to the delight of Thomas Schmidt and his team.

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