Hire air purifiers for private celebrations, parties and family celebrations

Just as BestElements offers the option of renting mobile air filters for business meetings, seminars and workshops, the filter technology company now also enables private users to use air filters on a daily basis as required. Interested parties can now enjoy the meeting with family and friends carefree in clean air, free of germs and unhealthy aerosols and minimize the risk of infection thanks to mobile air purifiers.

Hire air purifiers for meetings, seminars, workshops and congresses

The BestElements BE AIR8 air filters are innovative and have been developed for high-performance requirements. The use of air filters from the BE AIR series is a quick and easy way to improve the air quality in rooms at events, especially at events with several people such as seminars, congresses, meetings, filming, tastings, trade fairs …

Hire air purifiers for events, meetings, seminars, workshops and congresses

The advantage is active and immediate real-time cleaning as soon as pollutants, viruses and bacteria are present in the room. This applies to air as well as to surfaces on reception desks, chairs, door handles, appliances and crockery. This certified ActivePure® technology reduces all types of DNA and RNA type viruses. Laboratory reports show that SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 virus in the air and on surfaces in the room is removed up to 99.9% within 3 minutes.

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