Filtergeräte für saubere Luft und reines Trinkwasser

Video air purifier with ActivePure® technology

ActivePure® air purifier against viruses, bacteria and pollutants

In the video: ActivePure® simply explained

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The special feature of ActivePure® air purifiers is based on a revolutionary technology that has its origins in space travel. Viruses, bacteria, germs and pollutants are already eliminated in the air and on surfaces in the room as soon as they appear. As soon as people enter the room with contaminated aerosols, viruses and pathogens, the germs are detected and removed in real time. This advanced technology is used in public spaces, clinics, hygiene concepts for events, sales rooms, conferences as well as in offices, private rooms and even in vehicles. To protect people and animals from infection with viruses and bacteria and to protect against pollutants.

Information about mobile air purifiers

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