A Call For Clean Air

The world athletics association World Athletics is campaigning for stronger measures against air pollution with the new campaign “Every Breath Counts”.

World Athletics launches Every Breath Counts to call for urgent action to improve air quality

I want to live in a world where everyone can breathe clean air. Did you know that 99% of people worldwide breathe unsafe air, polluted to the point of exceeding World Health Organization exposure limits? Air pollution is a hidden threat that claims more than seven million lives every year. Our vision is a world where people can run, exercise and play freely – without the risk of serious health effects from air pollution. That’s why we’re committed to safeguarding the future of sport by ensuring access to clean air for all.


A global study reveals that three-quarters (75%) of people want to see stronger targets and monitoring to reduce air pollution.


45% of people believe they have experienced asthmatic symptoms as a result of being exposed to air pollution.


Over half (53%) of people are scared about air pollution levels affecting their running or ability to exercise outside.

The Every Breath Counts campaign invites citizens around the world to sign the Clean Air Declaration, which calls on local and national governments and businesses to urgently agree on stricter targets and increased monitoring of air pollution in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) to establish ) standards.

Clean indoor air

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