Filter technology
for health and

Filter devices for
pure air and
clean drinking water

Filter devices for healthy air and the purest drinking water. Drinking water filter Made in Germany, the latest reverse osmosis technology for the purest drinking water at home, travel and business. Mobile air filters / air purifiers for home, office and group rooms against fine dust, viruses, bacteria, pollen and much more. Help for allergy sufferers. Mobile hydrogen booster

Air Purifier

HEPA UV and multiple filter stages for healthy air

Water Filter

Drinking water free from pollution

Rich Hydrogen

Against free radicals and the aging process*

Mobile air purifier and RO drinking water filters at home and in the office

Fresh air
free from viruses, germs, pollen, fine dust, allergens, formaldehyde …
and clean drinking water
without lime, bacteria, drug residues, hormones …
are the basis for a healthy life for us.

We trust in
Air purifier and drinking water filter.

Limescale & bacteria filter

Filter system against lime, bacteria, corrosion, chlorine, lead and more …

Bacteria filter at home

Hydrogen rich water

Studies show the effects of hydrogen-rich water

Hydrogen rich water

Efficient air purifier

Bedrooms, study

Air purifier BE AIR4

Home and offices

Air purifier BE AIR6

Groups, workshops, classrooms

Air purifier BE AIR8

Which is the right air filter for your needs?

Air filter check list