Filtergeräte für saubere Luft und reines Trinkwasser

Air purifier against corona viruses and aerosols

  • Luftreiniger gegen Viren, Menschen ohne Maske

Air purifier against corona viruses and aerosols

Tested and confirmed: Mobile air purifiers / air filters against Corona viruses

Corona viruses, aerosols and germs in the air and on surfaces are making it increasingly difficult for us to lead a healthy life. Hygiene concepts with restrictive measures cannot always and everywhere be implemented effectively. We humans are social beings. We move, interact and communicate with each other, personal contact is an important part of it. Nevertheless, we protect ourselves effectively against infections and reduce the risk of infection in order to contain and stop the transmission of viruses.

Effective protection against infection

Thanks to air purifiers with ActivePure® technology, up to 99.9% of corona viruses / SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 viruses in the air and on surfaces in the room are removed within 3 minutes – proven and confirmed by independent laboratories and universities .

The mobile ActivePure® air filters Beyond and Pure & Clean are suitable for large rooms at events, for sales and consultation rooms as well as for your private home. The handy Aerus Mobile was even specially developed for vehicles.

Special air purifiers specifically against viruses and germs

Technology Details

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