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Air Purifier Air Filter in Home, Offices and Groups

Air Purifier Air Filter in Home, Offices and Groups
Mobile Luftfilter und Luftreiniger fĂĽr alle Bereiche

Finally breathe freely again and protect family, employees and guests.

Mobile air purifier and air filter

Our air purifiers create clean, pure air for people in their homes, offices and public spaces by efficiently and thoroughly removing germs, allergens and pollutants through the built-in filter stages. This increases quality of life, well-being and performance and significantly reduces the risk of infection.

Powerful air purifier against aerosols, viruses, bacteria, pollen, fine dust and much more

We breathe about 16 kg of air per day. This air should be as free as possible of impurities, pollutants and germs. Air purifiers are therefore playing an increasingly important role in households, offices, seminars, conferences, group rooms, kindergartens, schools and public spaces. They support our health and remove pathogens, aerosols, viruses, bacteria and microorganisms, allergens, particulate matter PM 2.5, house dust, pollen, smoke, smoke, mold spores, animal hair and mites, heavy metals, asbestos, TVOC, formaldehyde, chemicals and odors and much more. Unhealthy air can result in problems such as lack of sleep, skin sensitivity, poor concentration or a weakened immune system.

active-pureRevolutionary in air filter technology against SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19: Air purifiers with the patented ActivePure® technology eliminate viruses and germs in the air and on surfaces in real time. It was developed by NASA, certified by renowned laboratories and is considered the most powerful air and surface cleaning technology. These air cleaners are used in medical facilities, large event rooms, in treatment, work, office and sales rooms, in vehicles, in gastronomy, churches, public waiting areas…

You can measure air quality with the BE AIR POINT measuring device.

Information about air purifiers, applications and effectiveness

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