Best air quality and save electricity costs

Excellent air quality from 19 watts and super quiet

New, energy-saving design and patented technology make it possible: energy-saving air filters that, despite low power consumption, keep the air in apartments, offices and in public sales and event rooms free of viruses, germs, bacteria, fine dust, pollen, allergens, VOC and many other substances more – for your well-being, your health and energy-saving for your wallet. This keeps the electricity bill affordable and the air you breathe clean.

Excellent air quality is a prerequisite for health, well-being and personal performance. Powerful air purifiers from BestElements reliably remove viruses, germs and pathogens, fine dust, allergens and many other impurities that are floating in the air or on surfaces in the room. This makes them ideal for clean air at home in living rooms and bedrooms and for business areas during meetings, consultation and sales talks, seminars and conferences.

However, it is not just since the increase in energy costs that energy consumption has played an increasingly important role. Sustainability and saving resources are the basis of an environmentally conscious attitude. In addition to high filter performance, the air purifiers from BestElements also do justice to this cost-saving and environmentally friendly aspect to the highest degree. Even at the lowest energy level of 19 to 23 watts, the air filters work extremely thoroughly and achieve excellent indoor air quality. You could operate 4 of these mobile air filters and together they still use less electricity than your refrigerator.*

Air purifier comparison

Purity and energy saving

Luftfilter BE AIR4

Air Purifier BE AIR4
Level 1 with 19 W
At home and in the home office

Luftfilter BE AIR8

Air Purifier BE AIR8
Level 1 with 20 W
Offices, Seminars, Conferences
Air purifier with a high volume flow of 836 mÂł

ActivePure® BestElements Beyond medizinischer Luftreiniger Filtergerät

Air Purifier Beyond
Level 1 with 23W
Offices, Seminars, Conferences
Including a special ActicePure® filter stage against corona viruses and germs

Luftreiniger ActivePure® Luftreiniger Pure & Clean

Air Purifier Pure & Clean
Maximum 43 W at the highest level
Salesrooms, meeting rooms
Including a special ActicePure® filter stage against corona viruses and germs

*Example 8h operation of BE AIR4 with 19W filter stage per day compared to a conventional refrigerator with 600W/day.