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ActivePure® Vehicle Car Air Purifier AERUS MOBILE with Anti-Virus Technology

ActivePure® Vehicle Car Air Purifier AERUS MOBILE with Anti-Virus Technology

Air purification technology 2.0 against viruses, bacteria and pollutants

MedicalAir┬« ÔÇô Medical air purifier with ActivePure┬« technology

for vehicles, cars, taxis, driving schools, buses and trains

  • ActivePure┬« eliminates viruses, bacteria and pollutants directly in the air and on surfaces as they occur
  • Certified: Removes up to 99.9% of viruses (including COVID-19/Corona SARS-CoV-2) in the room within 3 minutes
  • Test results and official certificates from renowned laboratories
  • Area of effect in the air and on surfaces in near real time

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Protected in the smallest space

Anyone who travels in a car with several passengers is certainly familiar with the worries about contagions in small spaces in vehicles. You don’t want to put passengers out to air just because they sneeze or cough. But even without symptoms, you can’t be sure.

NASA had this in mind when it sent astronauts into space and co-developed ActivePure® technology to protect world travelers. What works in space also works for you on earthly roads. With AERUS MOBILE®, you become a secured pilot with protected passengers on board.

ActivePure® Air purifier AERUS MOBILE®

ActivePure AERUS MOBILE® in application

BestElements MEDICAL AIR

The purest air in the shortest possible time in vehicles

The AERUS MOBILE® has one of the safest, fastest and most efficient surface and air cleaning technology for vehicle interiors.

Viruses and pollutants are eliminated directly in the air

Conventional air cleaners for vehicle interiors have to suck in the air with germs and impurities in order to eliminate harmful components. With this passive filter method and with several people in a small space, a high volume flow is required, which is not always sufficiently available and from which not all people in the vehicle benefit equally.

Revolutionary change in air filter technology

Air purification 2.0

ActivePure® removes contaminants directly from the air as they occur

With the patented filter technology ActivePure®, special natural molecules are distributed in vehicle cabins and passenger compartments, which eliminate viruses, bacteria, germs, aerosols, VOC and many other toxic contaminants directly in the air and on the surfaces.

Areas of application

The AERUS MOBILE┬« is designed for cars, motor vehicles, driver and passenger cabins from 5 m┬▓ to 15 m┬▓ per filter device and is used in cars for car pools, driving schools, taxis, in gondolas and cable cars, ship, airplane and helicopter pilot cabins as well as with several devices in the network in buses, trains, trains and airplanes…

ActivePure® is a unique and patented environmental technology that solves many indoor pollution problems, both in the air and on the surfaces in cars and other vehicles. ActivePure® technology actively attacks pollutants directly in the air and on surfaces. With the ActivePure® future technology, clean air is created outside of the filter device. This technology with natural oxygen and hydrogen compounds is completely harmless for humans, animals and plants. The purity of the air supports multi-point ionization.

The advantage is active and immediate real-time cleaning as soon as pollutants, viruses and bacteria are present in the room. This applies to air as well as to surfaces on handles, dashboards, steering wheels, seats, backrests, headrests and windows.. This NASA tested and certified ActivePure┬« technology reduces all types of DNA and RNA type viruses. Laboratory reports show that SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 viruses in the air and on surfaces in the room are removed up to 99.9% within 3 minutes. (Biosicherheitsstufen 3 und 4 dreifach durchgef├╝hrt gem├Ą├č FDA-Protokolle, Microbiology & Immunology University of Texas Medical Branch UTMB)

ActivePure® removes many other pollutants such as bacteria, germs (also multi-resistant germs), aerosols, mold spores, VOC and many other toxic impurities. It reduces typical symptoms of allergies, asthma and irritation in people with a sensitive immune system. Long-term studies have shown results of up to 80% less absenteeism due to infection. (Texas Medical Branch UTMB, Kansas State University)

NASA space exploration for health

ActivePure® technology is based on NASA technology from the International Space Station. It is the only indoor air purification technology in the world to be recognized as a Certified Space Technology and recognized by the Space Foundation (spacefoundation.org) in the Hall of Fame. ActivePure® technology is in use on the international space station.

Mitsubishi brings NASA-inspired technology to vehicles

ActivePure® filter devices are also available for your car or other vehicle here.

Laboratory reports

MRI Global Laboratory “SARS-CoV-2 Tests”, Texas Medical Branch UTMB laboratory report “SARS-CoV-2 virus reduction in the air”, Danish Technological Institute ozone test, AERUS test of organic oxidation by-products
Details Studies Overview


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Technical specifications

Areas of application Cars, passenger cars, trucks, minibuses, taxis, cabs, ships, airplanes and helicopters, local and long-distance public transport such as buses, trains, cabins and airplanes, cable cars
Country of production Made in USA Made in USA
Licensing authority FDA FDA Market surveillance of food/medical products
Certification authority Certified by the European standardization and certification authority AENOR (corresponds to the German DIN) according to the standard EN 17272:2020. Does not emit ozone and can operate 24/7 in the presence of people, animals and plants.
ActivePure® filter stage Area of effect: Inactivation of pathogens in the air and on surfaces of 5 m² approx. 15 m² per device, several devices in a network possible
UV-C filter stage Emits short-wave UV radiation between 200/250 nm in compliance with UNE-EN 60335-2-65
Further filter stages Multipoint Ionization
Dimensions 92 x 152 x 25 mm (HxBxT)
Connection Portable, no installation required
Output max. 10.7 watts
Power supply 12 V or 100-240 V~50/60 Hz
Weight 230 g
Case color Black
Delivery time 1-2 weeks (DE/EU)
Scope of delivery Filter device, base with suction cup, 12 V car adapter cable, instructions for use
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Additional information

Weight 0,23 kg
Dimensions 15,2 × 9,2 × 2,5 cm

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