Air purification 2.0

Hygiene concepts: prevention of infections at events

At cultural and business events such as concerts, trade fairs, conferences, seminars and congresses, at parties or in theaters and cinemas, many people come together and distances can only be maintained to a limited extent. In addition, aerosols travel greater distances when sneezing or coughing. Containment is only possible under personal freedom restrictions and that is not desired by guests or organizers.

With the patented ActivePure® technology, which goes back to a NASA development, it is possible to eliminate viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces the moment they appear. So the moment germs and microorganisms are expelled from people, they are immediately removed. This development is groundbreaking and is also used in the International Space Station.

Anwendung Luftreiniger Kongress

In many cases, guests and attendees at events are not always aware when they are infected with viruses or are expelling bacteria when they breathe and speak. Like an invisible protective shield, ActivePure® technology prevents these germs from spreading in the air. Conventional air cleaners first have to suck in the air to remove impurities – with these devices of the new generation of air cleaning, this passive cleaning is outdated. With ActivePure®, the air and surfaces in the room are actively cleaned and kept free of pathogens.

Air filters / air purifiers for cultural and event facilities

Highest effectiveness of an air and surface technology against viruses, bacteria, germs…


Areas of application

Company celebrations, parties, conferences, seminars, congresses, theatres, cinemas

Luftreiniger BEYOND GUARDIAN AIR mit Anti-Viren-Technologie

SARS-CoV-2 virus reduction of 99.9% after 3 minutes in the air

Biosafety Levels 3 and 4 performed in triplicate per FDA protocols, Microbiology & Immunology University of Texas Medical Branch UTMB

Reduction of pollutants in the air by 90% after 25 minutes

In less than 30 minutes, ActivePure® technology reduces more than 90% of pollutants in the air. That is 50 times stronger than the filtration of an air conditioner. (University of Cincinnati test)

Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductee
Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductee