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Reverse osmosis water filter information

Reverse osmosis water filter information

Good water filters for pure drinking water

Approx. 40-50 substances are tested in drinking water in accordance with the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance. According to public sources, water can „easily contain 1500 substances of anthropogenic origin“. Including pollution from environmental toxins, industrial residues, manure fertilization from factory farming, medication, drugs, hormones, bacteria. The WHO requires the testing of „200 substances because of their known effects on health“ *. One reads more often about bacterial alarms and other drinking water alarms in the press releases.

High quality and safe reverse osmosis filter devices can remove these contaminants from drinking water. Bacteria, viruses, lime and many other unwanted components are also removed. There are now many models of reverse osmosis filter devices in various performance and price ranges on the market. The decisive factors for these filter devices are material purity, performance values and long-term safety… [read more]

The enrichment of drinking water with gaseous dissolved hydrogen as a natural antioxidant can help to bind and remove free radicals in the cells. Vitamins are also hydrogen compounds. An increased content of gaseous dissolved hydrogen could be detected in so-called healing springs.

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