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BE WAV water filter against lime, bacteria, chlorine, lead

BE WAV water filter against lime, bacteria, chlorine, lead

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BE WAV Modular Lime & bacteria

Finally: No more lime in the water and no more boiling drinking water!
  • Compact water filter for drinking water, kitchen appliances, dishwashers and washing machines
  • Hard water no longer a problem: limescale filtration up to 85 %
  • Safety: Bacteria & virus filtration up to 99.9 %
  • Filter modules can be freely selected and combined

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Limescale deposits and bacterial alarms were a thing of the past

From now on you can avoid exactly these problems in everyday life with this WAV water filter. Kitchen and household appliances no longer get white limescale deposits, washing machines and dishwashers run for long periods of time and coffee machines and kettles no longer need to be descaled. Optionally, additional filter inserts prevent bacteria and viruses, chlorine or lead in the water, depending on the problem with your tap water: You can live more carefree from now on.

BE WAV Modular

Innovative modular filter technology against lime, bacteria and more

WAV is an inexpensive alternative to reverse osmosis. The filter system is designed for the household, removes bacteria & viruses as well as other unwanted substances with a special module and thus guarantees clean drinking water. The bacteria and virus filtration rate is up to 99.9 %.

The limescale module variant works on the principle of an ion exchanger, providing soft water for dishwashers and washing machines, coffee and espresso machines, refrigerators, steam cookers and also irons. The lime filtration rate is up to 85%. An integrated particle filter removes rust and other impurities. Connected devices are additionally protected against corrosion.

Further modules have been developed to specifically remove chlorine or lead from the water. You can choose the filter modules you want and combine them with one another. The WAV protects against problems with contamination of the water.

BE WAV Connection

  • Under the sink (optionally with an extra drinking water tap on the sink)
  • At the washing machine or dishwasher water connection
  • Under the bathroom sink

BE WAV Variants

  1. Filter modul Bacteria / virus filter ❶ in the kitchen with a separate drinking water tap
  2. Filter modul Lime / corrosion filter ❷ for the washing machine
  3. Bacterial filter and limescale filter combined

Further modules can be combined.

BE WAV Optional

The optionally available drinking water tap is made of drinking water-safe, high-quality V4A stainless steel with wear-resistant ceramic seals. The spout can be dismantled to make cleaning easier. The drinking water tap is mounted on the sink. You can get refreshing, pure drinking water free of lime, viruses and bacteria, chlorine or lead – depending on the selected modules – directly at your sink.

BE WAV Benefits

  • High effectiveness, top innovation
  • Filtration rate up to 0.5 μm
  • Environmentally friendly without chemical additives
  • Energy-saving without a power connection
  • Bacteria & virus filtration up to 99.9 %
  • Limescale filtration up to 85 %
  • NSF certification according to health and safety criteria
  • Boiling drinking water is not necessary. Health-related relief
  • Reducing chlorine improves the taste of the water
  • Flexible module filter system
  • High volume flow
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • Quick filter module change Easy Click
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Save low follow-up costs
  • There is no longer any need to buy bottled drinking water. This eliminates the need to transport and dispose of water bottles. Greater convenience and CO2 savings.
  • There is no longer any need to buy bottled drinking water. This eliminates the need to transport and dispose of water bottles. Greater convenience
  • CO2 is saved Environmental aspect

BE WAV Downloads

We are happy to answer your questions about this filter device.

Montage Connect only to the cold water pipe
Water connections For washing machine / dishwasher: 3/4 ”
Angle valve for sink: 3/8 “AG IG
With a separate drinking water tap: John Guest coupling
Temperature Minimum 4 ° C (39 ° F) to maximum 38 ° C (100 ° F)
Work pressure Minimum 1.4 bar (20 psi) to maximum 5.5 bar (80 psi)
Volume flow At 1/2 “and 2.8 bar (40 psi) approx. 8.3 l / min (2.2 GPM)
Weight 1.3 kg with cartridge
Size 120 x 340 x 135 mm (WxHxD)
Scope of delivery Complete filter system with bracket, filter module, connection set
Filter module change after 6 months or up to 4.000 liters depending on water quality
Replacement filter modules Order replacement filter modules / cartridges

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Desired filter module against:

Lime & corrosion, Bacteria & viruses, Chlorine, Lead

Connection for

Washing machine, Dishwasher, Faucet on the kitchen sink

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