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Mobile Rich Hydrogen Booster


BE H2 Booster Hydrogen generator

Hydrogen-rich water as a source of energy in the body
  • High H2 saturation in drinking water
  • HIGH VALUE Up to 3,000 – 4,000 ppb of molecularly dissolved hydrogen
  • At home and on the move
  • Glass container with a drinking opening
  • Unscrewable container
  • UNIVERSAL Can also be used with standard water bottles

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Do you often feel tired, listless and worn out, but have no idea why?

The reason for this can be an impaired energy metabolism. Stressful everyday life, irregular or unhealthy eating, air pollution, smoking and alcohol promote the formation of free radicals in our body. These are deposited in our cells, make our energy balance more difficult and the body has to constantly fight against them.

Dissolved hydrogen is the solution – in vitamins or in drinking water enriched with this hydrogen booster. The free radicals disappear in a completely natural way. Many independent studies and tests over decades have proven the positive effect of dissolved hydrogen in drinking water. Now your body can relax, the energy metabolism is restored.

BE H2 Booster Mobile hydrogen generator

Powerful hydrogen generator · H2 Efficacy proven by studies

Ärztin mit H2 Wasserstoff Booster

Free radicals, especially oxygen radicals, are formed by the wrong lifestyle, air pollutants, improper diet or stress during the metabolic process. They are deposited in the mitochondria, the power plants of our cells, and impede a further smooth metabolism. This can lead to exhaustion, tiredness, a drop in performance or chronic impairments.

WassermoleküleHowever, these oxygen radicals are highly reactive. You want to form chemical bonds with suitable elements. And the most suitable natural antioxidant is molecular hydrogen. Vitamins are e.g. hydrogen compounds. Since many of us do not always have enough hydrogen available, free radicals are deposited more and more, which leads to a further weakening of the metabolism, a vicious circle.

Water – preferably the purest drinking water – has the ability to absorb molecularly dissolved hydrogen and transport it into our cells. There hydrogen and oxygen radical bonds form and a natural process creates water which is excreted.

Hydrogen generators add gaseous hydrogen to the drinking water. The pH value is not changed significantly. The amount of H2 that can be dissolved says something about the performance of the H2 Booster. Hydrogen is required as an energy source for our energy metabolism in the body and is a natural anti-aging element, as studies have shown. Processes in detail

An increased concentration of gaseous hydrogen could be detected in various far-reaching healing springs. Bound hydrogen in water is considered to have a positive effect on patients and has been confirmed in studies. Hydrogen is volatile and gasses out of the water after a while. This explains why the water from healing springs only works at the source. (Source studies by Dr. Shirahata, Japan)

Hydrogen generators can be used with drinking water/tap water (preferably filtered) or – thanks to the unscrewable base unit – still bottled water. The booster body is made of glass.

It is a 5th generation device with SPE-PEM ion membrane technology. The technology for separating hydrogen and oxygen ensures a high level of drinking water safety. The ventilation function of the membrane removes chlorine and the ozone that is created. Heavy metals and other substances are also removed during the separation process. The platinum-coated electrode plate has multi-pore openings through which a high hydrogen content with a long dwell time is achieved.

High H2 saturation Two saturation levels for gaseous dissolved molecular hydrogen in drinking water: 3 minutes and 10 minutes up to 3,000 ppb – 4,000 ppb (H2 saturation depends on pressure and temperature, if necessary several runs, highest results at 35°C)
Battery operation Mobile use thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery with 3,000 mAh, one charge lasts approx. 3-4 weeks with daily use in high-saturation mode, quick charging possible, depending on the charger
Amount of content Bottle content up to 380 ml drinking water per process
Specialty Long battery life, booster base can also be used for standard PET bottles with a bottle thread 28 (e.g. big PET bottles)
Membran 5th generation SPE-PEM ion membrane technology
Size 70 x 215 mm
Empty weight 440 g
Color Black/glass
Long lifetime Platinum coated membrane
Temperature range Water temperature min 0°C max. 60°C
Scope of delivery H2 Booster (bottom, glass, screw cap), USB charging cable, user manual, (Sample PET bottles  at the picture are not included in the scope of delivery.)
The charging plug is not included in the scope of delivery! Standard household cell phone charging plugs or USB sockets are suitable.

Do not use for sparkling water. Do not use for hot water.

We are happy to answer your questions about this device.

This hydrogen booster uses a high-quality 3,000 mA battery with double cells, which enable greater stability and a longer service life. This significantly reduces the charging intervals and achieves long-term mobile use.

Benefits of Hydrogen Enriched Drinking Water:

Hydrogen effectiveness proven with studies

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