Skin reactions or hair problems can be caused by too much lime, chlorine or residues in the shower water or when bathing. Although the tap water is examined, many substances are not taken into account in this test. In order to comply with the limit values ​​for bacteria, chlorine is added to the water in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance, which, in addition to the odor nuisance, leads to physical symptoms for many people. Removing chlorine from the shower water is then a blessing for those affected. Strong hair, naturally shiny hair and healthy skin are basic requirements for our well-being.

Limescale deposits often remain on the shower wall, fittings and tiles after the shower, more or less intensively depending on the region. In addition to the unsightly appearance, everyday cleaning with limescale cleaners is necessary. In addition to the time required and the dermatological effects on the skin after cleaning, the environmental aspect plays a major role. Less is more.

Many residues in tap or shower water can impair physical fitness and our well-being. The shower filter BE SH18 removes unwanted substances from the shower and bath water with 18 individual filter stages. Adults feel noticeably better and when babies and small children are showered and bathed in small tubs, stress on skin and hair should be minimized – for the well-being of the little ones.

Baby in Badewanne

With the shower filter, limescale deposits are noticeably reduced when showering. Heavy metals and many other undesirable residues in tap water as well as in cold and hot shower and bath water are removed. If the shower water temperature and stagnation times are too low, legionella can occur in the hot water circuit. They can be removed by specific filter levels. Among other things, activated charcoal removes bacteria.

The BE SH18 shower filter can be connected to almost any shower fitting and shower hose. It is a powerful and compact shower filter that particularly stands out in terms of its performance range and its multiple filter levels. The flow rate and temperature of the shower water are hardly affected and can be regulated as before via the shower fitting.

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