Drinking water purity: General problems

Drug residues remove from the water

Cocaine residue in the water The Benzoylecgonin loads observed in wastewater indicate that cocaine use is highest in western and southern European cities, especially in cities in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. Very [open post...]

Remove PFAS with water filter

PFAS: In addition to microplastics and plastics, per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds are other chemical substances that are extremely persistent in the environment and harmful to health. They can be detected in the rainwater [open post...]

Water and its purifying detoxifying action

Drainage and detoxification Increase in environmental diseases, allergies and autoimmune diseases due to increasing insidious poisoning. The exposure of our body to substances that are foreign and possibly toxic is increasing all the [open post...]

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Rivers: drug residues almost everywhere

In a quarter of all rivers worldwide, residues of active substances reach potentially alarming concentrations Almost all rivers worldwide are contaminated with common medicines - even in the Antarctic, drug residues are detectable, as [open post...]