UNESCO World Water Day is celebrated annually on March 22nd and aims to highlight the importance of water as a vital resource and promote awareness of the sustainable management of water resources. The day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of global water issues, discuss solutions and take concrete action to ensure better water quality and availability.

BestElements supports Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua is an international organization that advocates for access to clean drinking water and sanitation in developing countries. On World Water Day, Viva con Agua is particularly committed to drawing attention to the global challenges related to water. The organization organizes various actions, events and campaigns to raise awareness of water issues. These include, for example, fundraising runs, concerts, exhibitions and information events. The aim is to encourage people to actively support fair and sustainable water policies and thus help ensure that everyone has access to clean water. Aid projects include building wells, expanding water supply systems and improving sanitation in communities suffering from water shortages and poor hygiene. Overall, Viva con Agua and BestElements help raise awareness of water issues and take concrete measures to improve the water and sanitation situation worldwide.

Water problems in our European regions

For people in Europe, World Water Day is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of water in their daily lives. In our regions, it is often assumed that clean drinking water is readily available. However, there are still challenges related to water pollution, overconsumption and the protection of natural water sources.

World Water Day encourages us to become personally aware of problems with our drinking water. Drug residues, drug residues, nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, PFAS, microplastics are current challenges in our latitudes. The health effects cannot yet be fully outlined. The right water filters help improve water quality in relation to these problems. This removes pollutants from tap water and ensures that the water we drink and use is clean and pure. World Water Day should encourage us to check the quality of our drinking water and, if necessary, invest in suitable water filters to protect our health and that of our families.

New trees with BestElements filter/treatment devices

Forests play a crucial role as a natural filter that purifies water before it reaches the aquifers. Trees regulate nature’s water balance and help purify the air. Forests strengthen the resilience of ecosystems; their roots protect soils from erosion. They also offer valuable relaxation space for people and animals. The purchase of BestElements filter and processing devices supports the donation concept without generating additional costs for the customer. BestElements donates part of its proceeds to nationwide forest conservation and care projects.

Save resources through reuse

Reforestation and to protect our forests: Trees are cleared – also to make cardboard boxes, which are often only used once. The environmental protection project “Take Me Again” encourages you to use shipping boxes several times. BestElements supports this project.