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Mobile Hydrogen Booster H2 PLUS V2

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Mobile Hydrogen Booster H2 PLUS V2


BE H2PLUS Version 2 Hydrogen generator

Fountain of youth: Nano bubbles for super hydrogen-rich drinking water
  • Extremely high and H2 saturation of dissolved hydrogen in drinking water
  • SUPER VALUE Up to 5,140 ppb CERTIFIED
  • Extended platinum-coated DuPont SEP PEM Proton membrane
  • For home, work, sports and mobile use
  • UNIVERSAL Can also be used with standard water bottles

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Ready to take off?

V2 is known in space travel as the speed to go beyond known ranges and heights. Discover with the H2 PLUS V2 which new worlds and which performance potential are waiting for you. With an above-average and certified hydrogen saturation, you activate physical and mental possibilities that you have not exhausted and have remained hidden – until now.

Rid your body of free radicals, oxidative stress and acidosis. The stressful everyday life has unloaded negative effects on us for far too long. Get rid of the ballast now and bring dynamism into your life. Many studies have proven its effectiveness. Shake off the constricting and limiting corset and start!

BE H2PLUS Mobile Hydrogen Booster

Hydrogen generator with certified maximum performance

H2 PLUS V2 Power

H2 Analytics approvedHigh performance: Dissolved hydrogen in drinking water

H2-enriched drinking water against free radicals, acidification, oxidative stress: These are known to be the main causes of many civilization diseases and aging processes. An unhealthy lifestyle with too much stress, alcohol, bad air and not enough nutrients in the diet lead to free radicals, which are deposited in our bodies – in the mitochondria of our cells – and hinder a smooth metabolism. Exhaustion, tiredness, a drop in performance or chronic impairments can be the result.

But then the savior hydrogen comes into play as a natural antioxidant. It naturally binds the free radicals and so they are eliminated. Hydrogen compounds are also found in many vitamins, for example, but hydrogen can also be dissolved in drinking water. The pH value is hardly changed. The better a hydrogen generator is, the more H2 it can dissolve (ppb value). Dissolved hydrogen is regarded as a source of energy for our energy metabolism and is seen as a natural anti-aging, as studies have repeatedly shown. Here are the processes in detail.

An increased concentration of gaseous bound hydrogen could be detected in various healing springs all over the world. Bonded hydrogen in the water is considered to be the reason for a positive effect on patients. Hydrogen is volatile and outgasses from the water after some time. This explains why the water from healing springs only works at the source location. (Source Studies Dr. Shirahata, Japan). For this reason, a mobile hydrogen generator makes sense, because you can freshly prepare the water, whether you are at home, at work, on the road or in the gym.

H2 V2 Booster Sockel mit FlascheHydrogen generators can be used with drinking water/tap water (preferably filtered) or – thanks to the unscrewable base unit – still bottled water. The booster body is made of glass.

Der H2PLUS V2 is a device with an expanded platinum-coated DuPont N117 membrane for higher ppb saturation and more complete hydrogen-oxygen separation. The technology for separating hydrogen and oxygen ensures a high level of drinking water safety. The ventilation function of the membrane removes chlorine and the ozone that is created. Heavy metals and other substances are also removed during the separation process. The platinum-coated electrode plate has multi-pore openings through which a high hydrogen content with a long dwell time is achieved.

Very high H2 saturation H2 Analytics approvedTwo saturation levels for gaseous dissolved molecular hydrogen in drinking water: 10 minutes, saturation up to 5,140 ppb, confirmed and certified by the Laboratory Report of H2 Analytics Water Testing & Certification USA
Battery operation Mobile use thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery with 2,200 mAh, Up to 30 or 15 cycles are possible with one charge, quick charging possible, depending on the charger
Membran Expanded PEM SPE Proton Exchange Membrane
Type Expanded DuPont N117 membrane with platinum coating
Amount of content Bottle content up to 210 ml drinking water per process; Corresponds to a drinking quantity that can be drunk immediately. H2 saturated drinking water should generally be prepared just prior to drinking to ensure full H2 saturation.
Material bottle Food safe polypropylene
Specialty Long battery life, booster base can also be used for standard PET bottles with a bottle thread 28 (e.g. Volvic or Vittel PET bottles)
Size 60 x 197 mm
Empty weight 340 g
Color Silver Metallic / Blue Metallic
Temperature range Water temperature min 0°C max. 60°C
Scope of delivery H2 PLUS V2 Booster (bottom, body, screw cap), USB-C charging cable, user manual, (Sample PET bottles (application picture) are not included in the scope of delivery.)
The charging plug is not included in the scope of delivery! Standard household cell phone charging plugs or USB sockets are suitable.

Do not use for sparkling water. Do not use for hot water.

We are happy to answer your questions about this device.

Benefits of Hydrogen Enriched Drinking Water:

Hydrogen effectiveness proven with studies

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Weight 1 kg

Blue Metallic, Silver Metallic


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