Di-Flow® Qualitätssiegel

Di-Flow® is a seal of quality from the Di-Flow® Quality Review Board. This has the task of checking, monitoring and guaranteeing the quality of devices for water treatment, water filters and air purifiers as well as their internal processes. The tasks of the Di-Flow® quality examination committee include the following:

  1. Development and implementation of a quality standard: With Di-Flow®, the quality inspection committee developed a quality standard that applies to water treatment devices, water filters and air purifiers and their processes. This standard serves as a benchmark for monitoring and evaluating the quality of corresponding devices and apertures.
  2. Quality Monitoring and Evaluation: The Commission regularly monitors and evaluates the quality of water treatment equipment, water filters and air purifiers and processes to ensure they meet quality standards. The basis are tests and examinations by the examination board. In addition, existing and confirmed certificates from third parties and committees are taken into account.
  3. Conducting audits and inspections: The Commission may conduct audits and inspections to verify compliance with quality standards and to identify potential problems.
  4. Recommendations and actions to improve quality: If the Commission identifies problems, it can make and implement recommendations and actions to improve quality.
  5. Reporting and documentation: The Commission prepares reports on the monitoring and evaluation of quality and documents the results to ensure transparency and traceability.

Di-Flow® is a registered trademark of the Di-Flow® Quality Control Committee

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