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Podcast Advice Hydrogen Application H2Booster Inhalers

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Podcast Advice Hydrogen Application H2Booster Inhalers

Thomas Schmidt

Short recordings from interviews on the topics of hydrogen, drinking water, inhalation and air purifiers (in German)
Speaker: Thomas Schmidt

Hydrogen inhalers

  • H2 200 and H2 600 also available for rent
  • Hydrogen increases performance and is used for prophylactic purposes
  • Supports self-healing powers, chronic and acute dysfunctions, reduces inflammation
  • Removes oxygen radicals in the body
  • Flow rate: indicator for duration of use
  • Hydrogen inhaler with nasal tube Produce hydrogen-rich water
  • Hydrogen inhalation accessories

How hydrogen works in the body

  • Mitochondria in our body cells as power plants for energy metabolism

Installment payment/tax deductible

  • Payment provider PayPal or Klarna pay in installments
  • Deduct purchase from taxes as a therapist


  • Therapeutic use
  • Prophylaxis
  • Wellness area

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Rent hydrogen inhalers

  • Rent inhalers H2 200 and H2 600

Brauns Gas

  • Combination of hydrogen and oxygen that are created together in the electrolysis chamber
  • Ratio two to one, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen
  • Models of inhalers, flow rates, H2 1500 delivers 1000 ml of hydrogen and 500 ml of oxygen per minute
  • Inhalers: also enrichment of water with hydrogen, nasal cannulas, bubble sticks under accessories

Inhaler / hydrogen-rich drinking water

  • Application
  • Use of commercially available water bottles

Water filter with hydrogen in one

  • WOU H2Mega 3000 table device delivers hydrogen-rich water at the touch of a button, cold/warm/hot, prepare hot drinks immediately
  • Reverse osmosis filtration with UV
  • Hydrogen saturation of 3000 ppb
  • Flexible without installation at home or in the office

Hydrogen in the body through oxygen-enriched drinking water and hydrogen inhalation

  • When are hydrogen inhalers useful?
  • Use hydrogen booster H2Master for very high hydrogen saturation in the body
  • Drink water several times a day, regularly supply the body with hydrogen, special edition with inhalation function
  • Hydrogen for mitochondria in our cells to bind free radicals/oxygen radicals. Free radicals are created during the oxidation (combustion) of oxygen (cellular respiration), from which we get our life energy.
  • During this combustion, there are residues in the form of oxygen radicals (hydroxyl radicals) and these must be removed for unhindered energy metabolism. This is what hydrogen does. In addition, vitamins, for example, are often hydrogen compounds, and the effect is similar.

Hydrogen booster H2Master

  • Special edition with inhalation function, H2MasterXL with 280 ml of water
  • Processes of five or ten minutes
  • It is not advisable to enrich water with hydrogen in advance, hydrogen evaporates relatively quickly in 20-30 minutes
  • Electrolysis module as the heart of this device. Water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen. Bubbles rise but it is not sparkling water, bubbles split into nanobubbles on the way up.
  • Article about nanobubbles
  • Taste remains unchanged, pH value remains almost unchanged
  • Still water is the most digestible for the body
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  • Payment options bank transfer on account, PayPal, Klarna, Amazon … Shipping after receipt of payment

Studies: Hydrogen in therapy

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