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Shower filter SH18 against lime, chlorine, bacteria…

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Shower filter SH18 against lime, chlorine, bacteria…


Shower Filter BE SH18

Noticeably reduce skin reactions, hair problems and limescale deposits when showering

NEW Shower filter with 18 separate filter levels against lime, chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals and many other unwanted residues in tap water as well as in cold and hot shower and bath water. Unique shower filter of its performance class and its model in Germany.

  • Above-average efficiency with a large but compact filter housing
  • Multiple filter stages against lime, chlorine, bacteria, residues and toxins in the shower water
  • Supporting filter levels for refreshment and revitalization
  • Simply attach between the shower fitting and the shower hose
  • Standardized thread including sealing rings

Delivery time: 1-3 days (DE)


Duschfilter BE D18 Filtermedien

1st-6th Variants of sediment filters made of different sizes of stainless steel screens and polypropylene each act as double filter stages to remove deposits from tap water.

7. Activated carbon can filter microplastics, hormones, bacteria, germs, legionella and certain heavy metals from the water and eliminate odors or unpleasant tastes.

8. Zeolite decomposes inorganic pollution, absorbs heavy metals, ammonia, nitrate, removes odors and dioxins, and reduces bacterial proliferation.

9. Quartz sand/silicon dioxide is an efficient filter medium against suspended particles and general impurities in the shower water.

10. Alkaline ceramic ball to adjust pH. Improving the pH of the shower water to a neutral-to-alkaline range, antioxidant properties boost the immune system and support health.

11. Maifan stones absorb heavy metals, are considered antibacterial and enrich the shower water with mineralization. It can improve dermatological tolerance with the help of dissolved oxygen concentration and germ formation is reduced.

12. Magnetic balls help to make the shower water softer and prevent limescale from settling on the shower walls, tiles and fittings.

13. Calcium-rich mineral pearls have an antibacterial effect and release natural minerals into the water that support well-being. They have an antibacterial and stimulating effect on skin and hair. Toxins and residues in the water are reduced. Immunity is strengthened.

14. Far-Infrared Ceramic Balls act as an anti-aging agent and are known to increase the body’s resistance. They promote blood circulation and improve metabolism.

15. Calcium Sulphite removes chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminum.

16. High quality KDF 55 removes chlorine, heavy metals and reduces scale, bacteria and algae even in hot water.

17. Resin serves to soften the shower water, calcium and magnesium ions in the water are absorbed.

18. Vitamin C Ceramic beads give the water the natural vitamin C they contain.

Dimensions 14.5 cm high, diameter 9.5 cm
Connection standard thread 1/2 inch
Change filter element If used daily, insert a replacement cartridge every 3 months

Additional information

Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 14,5 × 9,5 × 9,5 cm


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