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Hydrogen for power and well-being

Hydrogen for power and well-being

Hydrogen brings you back your power

Hydrogen brings you back your power

Hydrogen brings you back your power

or prevents it from waning

Wasserstoff bringt Power mit Personen
Hydrogen boosters and hydrogen inhalers: H2 as a natural protective shield, antioxidant and protection against free radicals

or prevents it from waning

For acute and chronic complaints or prophylactic, proven 1000 times in studies*

Hydrogen is life – good and healthy life!

Hydrogen is a building block of life, a vital element and is often contained in our environment and food. We breathe it as a molecule associated with oxygen, we eat it as compounds in carbohydrates and proteins, and it ensures important bodily functions in the form of vitamins and nutrients.

Waste products are stored in our body as a result of unhealthy environmental influences, stress, poor nutrition or a harmful lifestyle. As free radicals, they complicate our body and energy metabolism. The consequences can be acute and chronic diseases – in many cases so-called civilization diseases. Pharmaceutical drugs and medicines can help selectively, but do not always make it possible to eliminate the causes. The healing powers always come from the body itself.

But we can support our body in the healing process. And a crucial element for this is hydrogen. We can drink it dissolved in water, inhale it or even absorb it through the skin. This super small atom reaches the furthest cells of our organism, breaks down barriers, solves problem areas and works for our health and well-being. Furthermore, hydrogen has a beneficial effect on our energy metabolism. Hydrogen can be used to treat acute, chronic problems. But also prophylactic and as an energy booster to enrich our well-being.

Thousands of clinical studies have been carried out on hydrogen with consistently positive results in the treatment of diseases. Accompanying hydrogen therapies are also increasingly being used in conventional medicine.

The effect of hydrogen in the body

Drink or inhale hydrogen rich?

Hydrogen booster H2Master

A very flexible option that is suitable for everyday use is to drink hydrogen-enriched water. Mobile hydrogen boosters like the H2Master generate dissolved hydrogen in the amount of a drinking glass as needed. The enriched water is prepared in 5 or 10 minutes. The taste and pH value do not change, but the additional dissolved hydrogen also has a noticeable effect on the body. Users perceive an additional energy potential. The H2Master have above-average performance values and can be lightweight companions to work, to the office, to the gym or when traveling and on vacation. Even with commercially available water bottles, hydrogen-rich water can be produced quickly.

Hydrogen inhalers

An even more efficient way of absorbing hydrogen is inhalation. Hydrogen inhalers such as the BE H2 series allow the hydrogen to be inhaled directly in addition to the ambient air. The hydrogen enters the body with over 99% purity via a so-called nasal cannula/nasal cannula and mixes with the ambient air when inhaled. The size range starts at 200 and 600 ml/minute for private users and newcomers. Devices from 1,000 to 3,000 ml per minute are for experienced users and professional therapists and clinics. The units also have Brown’s Gas variants that generate hydrogen and oxygen at a ratio of 2:1. Both gases are inhaled together and according to numerous studies, the health-supporting aspect with these devices is even clearer.

Hydrogen devices from BestElements

You can order the various devices for processing with hydrogen directly from the manufacturer BestElements here in the online shop.

Hydrogen boosters and hydrogen inhalers: H2 as a natural protective shield, antioxidant and protection against free radicals

Powerful hydrogen generators for everyday use overview

Mobile hydrogen boosters with high performance values for better personal performance

* Studies on the areas of application and successes with hydrogen can be found here:

Studies: Hydrogen in therapy

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