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Free drinking water test @wasseralarm

Free drinking water test @wasseralarm

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Quickly and easily check 16 important values in your drinking water in seconds.

With a detailed description of the application and what measures are required if the values are exceeded.
3 tests in a set

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Tested values:

  1. pH value
    The pH value indicates how acidic or alkaline the water is
  2. Total water hardness
    Sum of carbonate and non-carbonate salts of calcium and magnesium
  3. cyanuric acid
    Stabilizer for chlorine
  4. Chlorine Total
    Chlorine is a disinfectant against bacteria and is considered dangerous. Too much chlorine in drinking water can irritate the mucous membranes and is particularly dangerous for children, nursing mothers and pregnant women.
  5. Chlorine free
    Free chlorine refers to the level of chlorine capable of disinfecting contaminants, combined chlorine is already bound to contaminants. Total chlorine is essentially the sum of free and combined chlorine.
  6. Bromine free
    damages the nervous system and thyroid
  7. Nitrate
    Nitrogen compound that gets into the groundwater in case of over-fertilization, formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the body
  8. Nitrite
    Nitrites are toxic, conversion of nirate, not suitable for formulating infant formula
  9. Iron
    due to corrosion and rust formation in pipe installations
  10. Chromium(VI) oxide
    strongly toxic oxidizer
  11. Lead
    due to older water pipes, particularly toxic effects on the nervous system, blood and kidneys
  12. Copper
    through water pipes, causes health disorders such as nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, intestinal colic or diarrhea
  13. Mercury
    Originating from sewage sludge on fields and natural springs, highly toxic with long-term damage to liver, kidneys, central nervous system. Visual and hearing disorders, movement disorders, irritability and psychoses are known as long-term effects
  14. Fluoride
    Effects on the thyroid, learning, memory and behavioral disorders, various sources point to fluoride as a cause of reduced intelligence
  15. Carbonate
    Hydrogen carbonates of calcium and magnesium, lime/scale formation when heated or carbonic acid
  16. Total Alkalinity
    Amount of alkaline substances contained in water

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