Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter BE WA1 Mobile und Home


BE WA1 Mobile RO direct flow filter device

Flexible basic model · Purest drinking water for households, offices and mobile purposes · Economic reverse osmosis water filter · Made in Germany
  • Removal of 99% of pollution
  • Long life materials
  • Suitable mobile and permanently installed Lightweight
  • Quick ‘n’ Easy installation
  • Easy Click filter elements change
  • For Home, offices, mobile use
  • Smallest design in its class
  • Flexibly expandable basic model

For whom is this filter device suitable?
These substances are filtered out of the water.

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BE WA1 Mobile Direct flow filter device

Expandable reverse osmosis basic model

Fig. with swing-out stainless steel tap

❶  Sediment pre filtration PP 0,5 µm
❷  Main Filtration RO-Membrane 100 GPD Original Dow® FILMTEC™ Material
❸  Active Carbon Filter Stage

Purest drinking water at home and everywhere

The compact filter device BestElements WA1 is characterized by its uncompromising and flexibility. With this flexible filter device you get purest drinking water for your enjoyment and to fill devices such as kettles, coffee machines, hydrogen booster and others with it and keep them free of lime.

This basic filter system can be expanded with additional functions as required. A quality membrane with original Dow® FILMTEC ™ material ensures comfortable water production. As the smallest design in its class and with its compact design, the BestElements WA1 fits in any luggage, but can also be used in your own home and in mobile homes for drinking water treatment. The maintenance of the system has been reduced to a minimum and, thanks to the Easy Click -process, usually takes no longer than 5 Minutes.

The mobile filter devices can be used from approx. 2 bar without a power connection. The filter device can be expanded with a pressure booster pump to increase the amount of water per minute. The pump needs either a 220V (also 110V) or a 24V connection. This means that it can be operated in vehicles, and it can also be connected to 12V via a converter.

Drinking water is our most important foodstuff, but our tap water in Germany and mineral water are not always free from contamination, as press reports increasingly show. Through thorough filtration at the molecular level, BestElements reverse osmosis filter devices remove impurities such as Germs, bacteria and viruses, drug and drug residues, antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, lime and much more. Reverse osmosis technology is even able to remove radioactive components. The impurities do not remain in the filter device but are discharged outside as waste water.

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Production Made in Germany
Materials Food safe materials with NSF certification and drinking water approval
Montage Flat, standing, on the wall UNIVERSAL
Maintenance Easy replacement of filter elements Easy Click
Amount of water 0.25 l/min at 21°C water temperature and 4.5 bar
Pure/waste water ratio 1:<2 TOP VALUE IN IT’S CLASS
Temperature Min. 4°C (39°F) Max. 38 °C (100 °F)
Work pressure Min. 1,5 bar (22psi) Max. 5,0 bar (72 psi) Do not use when operating via a hot water boiler
Compact Design 264 x 318 x 90 mm (WxHxD) FLAT DESIGN
Water connections 1/4“ coupling
Power supply Standard: Without
Power supply for variant with pressure pump 100-220 V~50 Hz, output 24 V DC max. 72W, 24 V (12V with converter)
Weight 2 kg VERY HANDY
Housing color White
Scope of Delivery Complete with filter media and tubes for raw/waste/pure water, user manual
Ersatzfilter Replacement filter elements set for filters device BE WA1

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
WA1 Additions

Without additions, Integrated stainless steel tap, External stainless steel faucet, Pressure pump, Additional filter element,

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