Filtergeräte für saubere Luft und reines Trinkwasser

Information center drinking water and air

Information center drinking water and air

Information about the purity of drinking water and air and filter options with efficient filter technology

Remove PFAS with water filter

PFAS: In addition to microplastics and plastics, per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds are other chemical substances that are extremely persistent in the environment and harmful to health. They can be detected in the rainwater of even the most remote [Beitrag öffnen...]

Contaminated water today

Current drinking water contamination in Germany Drinking water warning Germany currently More water alerts in Germany Water filters: solutions for the purest drinking water

Customer Reviews

Reviews and Customer Satisfaction Water filter · Air purifier · Hydrogen booster · Accessories Reviews from customers that reflect satisfaction with the filter and treatment devices, the individual advice and the dedicated service at BestElements. (Selection of [Beitrag öffnen...]

Water and its purifying detoxifying action

Drainage and detoxification Increase in environmental diseases, allergies and autoimmune diseases due to increasing insidious poisoning. The exposure of our body to substances that are foreign and possibly toxic is increasing all the time. Such xenobiotics (Greek: xenos [Beitrag öffnen...]

Water filter devices

Water filter devices Reverse osmosis water filters devices remove pollutants, viruses and bacteria Wasser filter devices for home and business BE WA1 Mobile RO direct flow filter device Flexible basic model · Purest drinking water for households, offices [Beitrag öffnen...]

Air purifier for allergy sufferers

Air purifier for allergy sufferers tested Mobile air purifiers against allergens in comparison We breathe about 16 kg of air per day. This air should be as free as possible of allergens, impurities, pollutants and pathogens. Air [Beitrag öffnen...]


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