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Experience and testimonials about hydrogen inhalation

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Experience and testimonials about hydrogen inhalation

Hello everyone, I have been using the professional hydrogen inhaler 1500 H2+O2 (HHO) – 1,500 ml/min for 14 days now. This was one of my best decisions to choose this device and this company. Very good and friendly advice. The device arrived promptly and I was able to put it into operation straight away (as it was very user-friendly). This device is not a miracle cure but I feel better after regular use and after 8 days I noticed that I had almost no pain at all. position had more. I have hope that the rest of the body will also regenerate!

I don’t actually write reviews often, but the H2Master impressed and pleasantly surprised me. The hydrogen booster feels very valuable, sturdy metal housing… I drank a lot of this water throughout the day. I was somehow more energetic and in a better mood. After a week of use, I tried the inhalation function and today I was totally charged and energetic. I ran up the stairs and didn’t leave. I wouldn’t have thought that the small device would have such a positive influence on my well-being and ultimately my health. A really good and successful product, I hope you never take it out of the range. It’s definitely worth the money and the inhalation function is awesome.

I suffer from COPD and felt a very positive effect from the first use (Brown’s gas inhalation). I would also like to order an H2Master device so that I can drink the water.

After using hydrogen inhalation for two weeks, my inflammation levels (CRP) have decreased… For this reason, I have decided to continue the therapy consistently and will continue to track the effects.

My search began and I found the inhaler from you that I thought was right for me. I am so happy and grateful for that. After using it for 2 hours every day for 3 weeks my dizziness has completely disappeared and in all other areas I feel better day by day, it’s absolutely amazing. I think 3 more months and I’ll be fully recovered.

Over the past few years I had lost a lot of hair and tried all kinds of hair treatments but to no avail. After using my hydrogen inhaler H2-600 for three months, I noticed that I am now not losing more than normal. A very positive effect since I bought it because of other problems that disappeared after 3 weeks. It’s absolutely amazing what hydrogen can do!

I’ve only had the H2 Master Plus V2 mobile hydrogen booster with inhaler (special edition) for a few days now. My girlfriend and I spent hours researching this topic on the internet and found nothing, but nothing negative at all, so I ordered the hydrogen booster mentioned above. I use it 5 times a day (after having to take medication 5 times a day, it’s easiest to take it with the water from the booster) plus one inhalation. I feel a lot fitter, more alert and full of energy. Due to my early illness (Parkinson’s disease at the age of 53), I had, among other things, constant pain in my left calf for about 3 years because the muscle was always tense. I can’t believe it but this pain is almost gone after just a few days. I now always have the booster with me and try to drink at least 5 portions. Lt. According to an article on the BestElements homepage, there was a study for Morb. People suffering from Parkinson’s disease. After 48 weeks, you should see a significant difference between sick people who drank the hydrogen-enriched water and sick people who didn’t. THAT is my goal, to be able to live fit and independently for as long as possible. And after noticing a significant difference after just a few days, I believe that I will succeed! I hope the effect lasts as described. But I am already very grateful that my friend pointed me to the hydrogen method. Thanks BestElements!

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