The effectiveness of air purifiers in combating fine dust and antibiotic-resistant bacteria is increasingly being researched and debated. There is concern that particulate matter in the air could play a potential role in the spread of antibiotic resistance. Studies have shown that airborne particles, including bacteria and resistance genes, may be linked to particulate matter.

This leads to the conclusion that bacteria resistant to antibiotics and the associated resistance genes could spread through the air, especially in areas with higher levels of particulate matter pollution. This alarming finding is supported by observations that have identified antibiotic-resistant bacteria and resistance genes in the air. Especially the particle size PM2.5 could play a role in airborne transmission of these bacteria and genes.

In this regard, new generations of air purifiers have received special attention. These advanced systems are able to significantly improve indoor air quality. They use multi-stage filter technologies to filter fine dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen, odors and other contaminants from the air. These latest innovations aim to increase the effectiveness of air purification and reduce the spread of bacteria and pathogens.

Air quality is not only of great importance indoors, but also in the vehicle area. Air conditioning systems in vehicles can harbor a variety of contaminants such as viruses, fungi and bacteria that pose a health hazard. Improper cleaning of air conditioners can result in poor air quality. Therefore, suitable solutions to improve air quality in vehicles are important to minimize the spread of pathogens.

Overall, the effectiveness of air purifiers in combating fine dust, bacteria and other contaminants both indoors and in vehicles is becoming increasingly important. Advances in technology and research are helping to create better solutions for improving air quality and curbing the spread of pathogens.

Air purifier with ActivePure® technology

Air Purifier against COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2), RSV…


Areas of application

This air purifier is designed for small and medium-sized rooms up to approx. 40 m² such as doctor’s surgeries, medical offices, treatment and patient rooms, pharmacies, sales rooms, small to medium-sized shops and offices, households…

Air purifier PURE & CLEAN with anti-virus technology


Areas of application

Medical facilities, practices, clinics, gastronomy, hotels, retirement and nursing homes, schools, offices, government and administrative facilities, churches, sports facilities, trade fairs and exhibitions, conferences and congresses, major events, customer and waiting areas, households…

Air purifier BEYOND GUARDIAN AIR with anti-virus technology


Areas of application

The AERUS MOBILE® is designed for cars, motor vehicles, driver and passenger cabins from 5 m² to 15 m² per filter device and is used in cars for car pools, driving schools, taxis, in gondolas and cable cars, ship, airplane and helicopter pilot cabins as well as with several devices in the network in buses, trains, trains and airplanes…

ActivePure® technology is considered by experts to be the most powerful air and surface cleaning technology ever discovered and is the only exclusive air and surface cleaning technology to receive the prestigious Certivated Space Technology seal of approval from NASA’s Space Foundation. ActivePure® is the only air purification technology in the world to be inducted into the Space Foundation’s Hall of Fame as the only certified space technology. ActivePure® is still in use today on the International Space Station.