The right to a clean environment is a human right

In 2010, the United Nations recognized the right to clean water as a human right.

The UN General Assembly has recognized the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment as a human right in its own right. 161 states voted for a corresponding resolution. The Secretary-General of the United Nations stressed that the resolution should help reduce ecological injustices, close protection gaps and empower people, especially those in vulnerable situations.

In the states of the European Union there is a uniform law for the assessment and control of air quality. The basis is the EU Air Quality Directive 2008/50/EG of the European Parliament and Council of May 21, 2008 on air quality and clean air for Europe.

Problem Nitrate

Nitrate levels in our water resources have increased in many areas of the world, mainly due to the application of inorganic fertilizers and animal manure in agricultural areas. The regulatory limit for nitrate in public drinking water was set to protect against infant methaemoglobinaemia, but other health effects were not considered. (Source PMID pubmed ncbi nlm 30041450)

According to a new study, rainwater is so heavily contaminated with chemicals that nowhere in the world is it of drinking quality.

Rainwater is contaminated with chemicals above recommended limits, even in the most remote regions of the world such as Antarctica or Tibet. The residues from shampoos and other products break down slowly and are considered harmful. Scientists speak of an “irreversible contamination” of the planet…

Permanent sweeteners detected in drinking water.

Even the sewage treatment plants are not able to completely remove the sweeteners, so that they can now be detected in the ground and drinking water.

Horrifying effects of pesticides on aquatic animals and humans

Insecticides are water-soluble, spread quickly in water and aquatic plants, are literally absorbed. Plants are in contact with groundwater. This is why we find insecticides in most bodies of water. The water becomes contaminated.

Environmental toxins can often only be removed with special water filters and air purifiers

The problem areas in detail

Drug residues remove from the water

Gute Wasserfilter für reines Trinkwasser Ca. 40-50 Stoffe werden nach Vorgaben der Trinkwasserverordnung im Trinkwasser getestet. Laut öffentlicher Quellen können im Wasser „leicht 1500 Stoffe anthropogenen Ursprungs“ enthalten sein. Einschließlich Belastungen aus [Read more...]

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