PFAS: In addition to microplastics and plastics, per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds are other chemical substances that are extremely persistent in the environment and harmful to health. They can be detected in the rainwater of even the most remote regions of the world. Concentrations far exceed US Environmental Protection Agency thresholds. PFAS are considered carcinogenic, and thyroid disease, liver damage and increased cholesterol levels are also attributable to this group of substances.

PFAS are very likely to reduce the effectiveness of vaccinations in children, a 2017 study showed. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) warns that children in particular are particularly exposed to PFAS.
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PFAS pollutants contaminate rainwater

Researchers have detected the chemical PFAS in rainwater even in the most remote places in the world. The water-repellent substance is extremely durable – and is increasingly found in the human organism. PFAS are water and grease repellent chemicals that include around 4700 substances. Once the substances are in the human body, they can be found there for a long time.

Children severely affected

In toxicological investigations and a large European study, such a large amount of PFAS was found in the blood of almost a quarter of 6 to 19-year-olds that, according to the UBA, health effects can no longer be ruled out with sufficient certainty.

Parents should be very concerned about the disturbing results.

Liver-toxic, carcinogenic and reprotoxic properties were determined in animal experiments.
Source PFAS pollutants contaminate rainwater and European study children heavily exposed to pollutants

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