Power mit Wasserstoffboostern

Everyone is talking about hydrogen as an energy source

As an energy carrier and potential energy source of the future, hydrogen is the subject of extensive research and many specialist articles. A whole armada of scientists is busy researching, generating and storing a climate-friendly energy source for the future. It is about clean and climate-neutral vehicle drives, power generation, domestic energy supply and many other areas of application with so-called green hydrogen. Hydrogen is produced, among other things, by electrolysis, the splitting of water into oxygen and hydrogen. New resources and extraction methods are researched and developed.

Hydrogen as an energy carrier for our body

However, hydrogen is not only an efficient source of energy for industry. Hydrogen, as the smallest particle, reaches the most remote areas of our body in coherent form – as H2-molecules – and enriches our energy balance in the power plants of our cells, the mitochondria. These are responsible for the power that our metabolism enables and makes available to us as life energy.

Recharge life energy

Waste products are produced during energy metabolism and are deposited in our cells in the form of free radicals. These deposits make it more difficult for us to generate more energy and our mental and physical strength as well as our life energy sometimes decrease noticeably. Free radicals have also been held responsible in studies as a cause of premature aging. They are favored by environmental toxins, bad air, smoking, stress, an unhealthy or one-sided diet and alcohol consumption. This is where the H2 superhero steps in! Vitamins consist of H2 compounds, among other things. But if that is not enough in many cases, supporting sources are needed. However, hydrogen also enters our bodies through our drinking water. To do this, it only needs to be enriched with gaseous H2. So-called hydrogen generators or even more effectively: hydrogen boosters can do this. The higher the H2 saturation, the better for our cells and our energy balance. The powerful drinking water can be prepared from normal tap water within minutes and drunk directly.

Goodbye free radicals, welcome new power!

Hydrogen dissolved in water is a natural form and is always tolerable for both adults and children. Hydrogen has even been detected in springs known as healing springs. Scientists are of the opinion that it is precisely this H2 saturation in such springs that explains the healing effect and beneficial effect on our body. According to several studies, drinking water enriched with hydrogen acts as a fountain of youth and energy dispenser. Physical performance values improve, obesity is reduced, headaches and increased tiredness and exhaustion are reduced. The increase in physical fitness, mobility and mental vitality has been proven in many studies over the years.

Fountain of youth and energiser overview

Mobile hydrogen boosters with high performance values for better personal performance