For many, nothing works without a cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee on sober margins is not recommended at all. The water loss during the night should first be compensated for and coffee tends to draw water out of the body.

So if you want to reduce your coffee consumption for health or well-being reasons, you can still get going with hydrogen-rich drinking water. Normal drinking water or filtered water can be enriched with the energy dispenser hydrogen in 5 minutes. There are so-called hydrogen boosters for this. Hydrogen is also known as a power source for the organism and has been proven by studies. It gets right into the smallest corners of our cells to boost our energy power plants, remove deposits and neutralize acidosis. Free radicals are one form of these unwanted deposits. Free radicals and hyperacidity are caused by stress, an unhealthy and one-sided diet, smoking and air pollution and generally by a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle.

During the booster process, the drinking water is mixed with small, floating H2 power molecules, but it still remains still water – not sparkling water – and is therefore better tolerated by our body and easier to absorb. The taste also remains pleasant and neutral. Vitamins are also hydrogen compounds and are a basic requirement for a healthy body.

The amount of H2-rich drinking water is a 0.2 – 0.3 l glass full for each enrichment. This corresponds to the amount that you should drink in the morning anyway. Anyone who wants to enjoy coffee and H2-rich drinking water combines both and drinks the water first and then the coffee. This creates a powerful water base. During the course of the day, you can use the mobile hydrogen boosters to boost your drinking water whenever you need it, even when you are out and about, at work or in the gym. Full steam ahead!

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