Copied from nature

Osmosis water or more precisely reverse osmosis drinking water means the same thing and describes the filter technology that is used in these water filters. Tap water is separated into ultrapure water and impurities using osmosis by being pushed through an ultra-fine semi-permeable membrane like a sieve (details here). Osmosis as a saturation compensation happens daily and automatically in our cells and in nature. The water pressure that is built up in the filter devices enables a higher amount of filtration of ultrapure water.

Reverse osmosis water filters have their origins in space research. In space stations, the existing water had to be treated again and again. What occurs in nature through a large water cycle of water evaporation and precipitation was replaced with the help of filter devices on comparatively small space stations. No new water is formed on our earth either. Only about 2.5% fresh water is available, about 2/3 of which is still bound in glaciers and icebergs. And depending on our age and body part, we are made up of 60-80% water ourselves. A small remaining percentage of less than one percent has been supplying people and animals with drinking water for thousands of years.

Toxic danger from environmental toxins

This small percentage of drinking water, which we drink, rinse and wash, has already been drunk and excreted several times on earth. With the water cycle, nature has developed an effective cleaning mechanism. And yet man manages to pollute these vital resources almost permanently through industrialization.

Many substances have now entered the environment through human activity, are also contained in drinking water and can no longer be easily removed through the natural cycle or through sewage treatment plants. Environmental toxins such as industrial chemicals, PFAS, fertilizer residues from pesticides with their subgroups, drug residues, hormone-like substances, microplastics, which have already been detected in precipitation and on icebergs, but also heavy metals, artificial food additives, sugar compounds are among them. Even public articles warn more and more clearly about the danger of micropollutants in drinking water. Unfortunately, problematic substances and environmental toxins have also been detected in mineral water.

Reliable water filters

Since the waterworks seem to be largely overwhelmed by the danger, only a fraction of the substances contained are tested in the drinking water analysis and limit values are even regulated upwards, in many cases consumers are only left with the individual solution of filtering their drinking water themselves. Reverse osmosis is the only filter technology that achieves such a high level of purity that it can reliably remove such substances. A selection of tested reverse osmosis water filters, which are manufactured in Germany according to strict criteria, can be seen here. The filtered and pure drinking water is suitable for all age groups. Clean drinking water is a UN human right.

Minerals and energized water

Some people have concerns that the filtered water is “empty” or “dead” citing missing minerals and energizing. Only hexagonal water would live up to their claim and can be energized by gemstones, swirls and an imprinted flower of life. Evidence to the contrary is provided by experts such as Dr. Pollack, Masaru Emoto or Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen himself. Water takes on hexagonal structures in our cells and even forms a fourth state of aggregation. Experimental results depended on the subjects themselves, not on the presence of esoteric tools. We ourselves turn the water into energized water. Beyond that, what is considered esoterically lies in each individual’s perspective. Placebos have been proven to work. Viktor Schauberger recommended swirling the water. Anyone who puts crystals and precious stones in their drinking water will certainly see advantages in it and should be happy to enjoy their water in this way. However, they do not contribute to the mineral content. We absorb all minerals with a healthy, varied and mineral-rich diet. It is well known that industrially produced food is less important and a resulting mineral deficiency cannot be compensated for with mineral water.