Manufacturers of food, soft drinks, confectionery and even pharmaceuticals often use sweeteners instead of sugar

Industry uses various substances, which are subdivided into sugar alcohols such as xylitol or sorbitol. These are chemically very similar to “real” sugar, but have more calories. On the other hand, artificially produced sweeteners such as acesulfame-K or cyclamate are used. These cannot be used by the body and are excreted undigested. Even the sewage treatment plants are not able to completely remove the sweeteners, so that they can now be detected in the ground and drinking water. Acesulfame-K achieves particularly high values. (Source

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These substances are not included in the Drinking Water Ordinance and are therefore not regularly examined, even though they are present. The same applies to drug residues, drug residues, PFAS and hormone-like substances. Organisms react to long-lasting and insidious effects with symptoms of poisoning. Hormones affect fertility, PFAS are considered carcinogenic.

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