Rent air filters for group events

Rent air filters for group events

Rent high-performance air filters on a daily basis

Seminars, congresses, workshops, meetings, events, filming

Air purifiers play an increasingly important role when several people come together. Especially at events, meetings or when groups come together in some other way, air filters help to remove air pollution and pathogens from the air and to create clean air. Fine dust, pollen, bacteria, gases, chemicals and various odors endanger our respiratory tract, which can result in a risk of infection, impaired concentration and a weakening of the immune system.

The individual filter stages combined in the device and the effective interaction are decisive for the correct air filter. Criteria are the amount of air in the room, which should be removed from impurities as quickly as possible (high CADR number), with great thoroughness and reliability (number of filter stages), as quietly as possible (low dB number). There are different filter stages (different filter media) for removing the different loads and soiling.

  • Air filtering devices for events

  • Comply with hygiene regulations

  • Rent devices on a daily basis

  • Filter media completely included

  • Filter / UV media costs included

  • Returns free of charge (D)

Remove the following air filters, among others Fine dust PM 2.5, house dust, pollen, pollen, smoke and smoke, odors, germs and pathogens, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, mold spores, animal hair and mites, heavy metals, asbestos, toxic dusts, TVOC, formaldehyde, organic compounds, aerosols and much more.


  • Wohnräume, Büros, Warte- und Aufenthaltsräume, Gruppenräume
  • Gefilterte Luftmenge 420 m³ bis 620 m³/h
  • UV, TRUE HEPA, Ion…
  • 9 effektive Filterstufen
  • Touchdisplay mit Echtzeitanzeige
  • Sensor-Automatik mit PM2.5 Anzeige
  • Fernbedienung
  • Tragegriff
  • 680 x 400 x 250 mm (HxBxT) 10 kg

Luftfilter BE AIR8 für Event mieten

86,21/Tag (netto)
  • Seminare, Workshops, Gruppenveranstaltungen, Kongresse, Dreharbeiten
  • Gefilterte Luftmenge 836 m³/h (zertifiziert)
  • UV, HEPA13 bis 99,95%, Ion…
  • 9 effektive Doppel-Filterstufen
  • Geringe Geräuschentwicklung 34dB
  • Sensor-Automatik mit PM2.5 Anzeige und Farbindikator
  • Fernbedienung und/oder Smart App Steuerung
  • Tragegriffe und Rollen für gutes Handling
  • 630 x 465 x 450 mm (HxBxT) 11kg

Degree of Filtration

effective doubled filter stages
m³ filtered air per hour

CADR Luftfilterrate


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Rent air filter BE AIR8
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