Drainage and detoxification

Increase in environmental diseases, allergies and autoimmune diseases due to increasing insidious poisoning.

The exposure of our body to substances that are foreign and possibly toxic is increasing all the time. Such xenobiotics (Greek: xenos = foreign, bios = life) are, for example:

► Additives in food, such as stabilizers, preservatives, colorings, etc.
► Pesticide and fertilizer residues
► Products from denaturing manufacturing processes, early harvesting or overly long storage
► Medicines
► 100,000 different industrially manufactured chemicals such as plasticizers, flame retardants, impregnating and wood preservatives, cleaners, etc.
► Electrosmog

Substances that are easily soluble in water can be released directly via the urinary tract or exhaled air. For lipophilic substances, which are often toxic, the body has developed an enzymatic system for detoxification and elimination. It’s in the liver. (Michael Mühlhaupt from AKOM article)

Water filter for pure drinking water

These water filters remove bacteria, viruses, germs, limescale, PFAS, pollutants, hormones, drug residues and much more

Drinking water filter devices against contamination