Air Purifier BE AIR8 meets requirements

The BE AIR8 Max air purifier meets the requirements of a good air filter according to the recommendations

“… the device should be able to filter at least six times the volume of the room in one hour” … “The devices must be as quiet as possible … not louder than 52 decibels”

Christian Kähler, Head of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics & Aerodynamics, University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich
BE AIR8: For each filter device, the air is completely filtered through about 6 times per hour per 50 m²*

Double filter stages with BE AIR8

HEPA13 (ultra-fine micron particles up to 0.1 – 0.3 µm) activated carbon, UV (UV-C) and negative ions remove fine dust, smoke, germs, bacteria and viruses, aerosols, odors, mold spores and harmful substances such as ammonia, Formaldehyde and organic components.

Filter performance: 836 m³/h (certified) TOP VALUE
9 Filter stages with HEPA13 and UV-C TOP VALUES
Automatic sensor or manual control SMART SENSOR
4 speed levels: sleep to highspeed
Long Life Replacement filter elements
Very quiet whisper mode 26 dB TOP VALUE
WiFi control mit Smart App möglich TOP FEATURE
Display of current air pollution, PM2.5 TOP FEATURE
Reminder to change the filter elements
Easy change of the filter elements EASY CLICK

  • Against fine dust, viruses, bacteria, aerosols …

  • Degree of separation 99,95%

  • Double in and extra fast for large rooms

  • Washable prefilter: lowers follow-up costs

  • To meet the requirements, use a BE AIR8 MAX filter device for every 50 m² of room size.

Mobile air filters for hairdressers and beauty salons

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Luftfilter Gastronomie BE AIR
Air Purifier BE AIR8

** Calculated value at ceiling height 2,80 m