Reverse osmosis water filter systems for industry

Our focus for industrial filter devices is mainly on custom-made products for general industry, pharmaceutical and medical technology, the food industry, large kitchens, breweries, etc.Filter systems of the BE WA1000 Industry series are individually adapted and assembled according to your requirements.

BE WA1000 Industry

We manufacture industrial drinking water filters according to customer-specific requirements.
Example configurations of redundancy systems:

  • 500-1000 liters / hour (filter performance 12,000 to 24,000 liters / day) per system
  • Pre-filter stages 2 x 20 “- 5 µm
  • 4 to 8 modules of 900 GPD Dow Chemical® Filmtec membrane
  • Ultrapure water to wastewater ratio 1: 1 or better
  • Pre- and post-rinse (TDS-Reaction Control) for 2 groups
  • Control technology with remote monitoring and status information via TCP / IP, FTP and email
  • Redundancy systems from 25% to 100%
  • Power supply 230 V / AC 2.3 kW to 400 V / AC at 4.6 kW
  • Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the TDS values
  • Dimensions 1,150 x 1,200 x 800 mm (HxDxW without euro pallet)

Optional extensions:

  • 9.7″ touch screen
  • Rinse water recovery
  • Wastewater recovery
  • Quick Start
  • Tap for water samples
  • Electronic redundancy
  • UV treatment at 500 l / h
  • UV treatment at 1000 l / h
  • Post filter (GAC, CTO, …)
  • Water – volume measurements
  • Temperature monitoring
  • HDFC (hydro dynamic flow control)

Several systems can be operated together. With a special pre-filtration we can achieve a conductivity of less than 1.3 mS / cm (at 25 ° C). Even zero mS / cm are possible. The pre-filter and post-filter are antibacterial. We use the highest quality materials with high reliability. This technology achieves a pure / raw water ratio of better than 1: 0.9.

Support opportunities

  • Ticket support within 72 hours
  • 24h technical telephone support
  • Technician on site within 72 hours
  • Technical training


Price range from 12,900.- EUR
plus transport and installation costs

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