In Germany, around 6% of children are morbidly obese, i.e. overweight or obese. In addition to predisposition and lack of exercise, a diet high in sugar and fat contributes to this development. Drinks containing sugar promote obesity in children and adolescents, especially if they are consumed frequently. Consuming unsweetened teas or water can help prevent obesity.

In addition, sweeteners have already been detected in drinking water. A frightening trend created by manufacturers of groceries, soft drinks, confectionery and even pharmaceuticals, in many cases using sweeteners instead of sugar.

Slim and filtered drinking water

Pure clear drinking water is the best option. Due to impurities in the tap water, this is not always the case. Water filters provide a remedy and achieve drinking water quality in spring-fresh purity. At the touch of a button at home and without having to carry and pay for beverage crates.

Water filter for pure drinking water overview

These water filters remove bacteria, viruses, germs, limescale, PFAS, pollutants, hormones, drug residues and much more

Drinking water filter devices against contamination