The Secret to Healthy Generations #2

3 sips followed by a powerful belch. End.

Still water is more beneficial for our body than sparkling water with CO2 or carbonic acid. Because of the carbonic acid, you drink less and the pH value is more acidic. Many are just used to it. The tingling in the mouth creates a refreshing feeling. Anyone who prefers quiet, or has gotten used to it again, appreciates the advantages. Pleasure without burping and much more. And even on hot summer days, our bodies don’t really like being cold. Body temperature or at least room temperature is better.

The color of your urine.

Drinking a lot of water is not the panacea either, it is all about the right ratio. If you drink too much water, nutrients and minerals are flushed out of the body too quickly. Every unnecessary trip to the toilet also flushes a few important substances out of the body that we would have preferred to still have needed in the organism. The color of the urine tells us when too little starts and too much stops. Often urinating with light, almost colorless, watery urine color means overhydration. Haven’t been to the toilet for a long time and dark yellow, almost brownish urine color means you haven’t drunk enough.

Show me your water and I’ll tell you who you are.

The purer and less contaminated our daily drinking water is, the better it is for our organism. According to current court rulings, our tap water can no longer be described as “the best controlled foodstuff” or as “healthy”. There are often press reports in Germany about water contamination. Bacteria, drug residues, hormone-like substances and EDCs make life difficult for waterworks and for us. Effective water filter devices from BestElements deliver the purest drinking water in the long term. So that you stay fit for a long time and are spared from environmental toxins.


Fitness and performance at work and sport with drinking water dissolved in H2.

Environmental toxins, air pollution, everyday stress and an unhealthy diet lead to free radicals and hyperacidity in our body. Disease can result from this oxidative stress. Long-term stress of this kind can lead to high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, wrinkled skin, blurred vision, stroke, dementia and joint diseases and many other phenomena. Gaseous dissolved hydrogen (H2) in drinking water eliminates the free radicals in our cells in a natural way and collects them like a wheelbarrow in order to excrete them. Anyone who wants to say goodbye to these worries and wants to feel power in life again can enrich their drinking water for daily enjoyment with these hydrogen boosters. The hydrogen generators work with regular tap water, filtered water and even bottled water.

Wasserstoffbooster für H2 reiches Trinkwasser

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